AIORC History

All in one roofing contractor company was founded in 2001. Founder was installing roofs long before starting this business.  This company was initially launched solely as a roofing installation and repair business. Our quality craftsmanship prompted our customers to ask for other related services. We quickly expanded to providing gutter installation, vent and skylight installations, siding and other exterior repair or installation services.

Rectifying Roofing Problems

Roofing problems never seem to be a quick fix at a low cost. But that does not mean the repairs, improvements, or regular maintenance have


Why Choose AIORC

We understand that it’s an important decision choosing a roofing company to work on your home. After all, roof over the head is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. Therefore here is the list of reasons why our customers choose us over other roofing companies…

  • 1.AIORC – courteous.
    Our team is dedicated to being courteous to our clients. We strive to be polite and respectful to our customers and their property. We understand that, it’s not just another project, it’s your home.
  • 2. AIORC – experienced.
    Over the past 16 years, nearly 4000 roof repairs led us to build one of the most knowledgeable roofing companies in the Chicago land area. “The only source of knowledge is experience.” -Albert Einstein.
  • 3. AIORC – committed to quality.
    Quality is determined by a habit of practices of our roofing company. While we do commit to efficiency we never rush trough our work. Most of our new customers are recommended by our clients.
  • 4. AIORC – stands by it’s work.
    Not just a promise, we guarantee our craftsmanship and will fix any mistake with no exceptions or expiration. Roofing materials that we use have warranty that ranges form 10 years up to a lifetime.
  • 5. AIORC – effective and efficient.
    Doing the right things and doing things right. Efficiency cultivated by our 200,000+ combined worker hours of roofing experience. Effectiveness driven by high standard that converts our customers to clients.
  • 6. AIORC – competitively priced.
    How do we stay competitive with quality that we offer? Efficiency saves time, time is money. Quality and effectiveness generates recommendations, low new customer acquisition costs.


We have you covered.


Risk Management

Protecting you and your property is really high on our priority list. It is important for us to communicate with all at the work site including residents or guests that roofing is dangerous. We work in all environments, wind and rain can increase hazards. Therefore we ask our customers to minimize if not completely avoid time spent near or around the roof wile we work.

  • Workers
    AIORC adheres to OSHA standards of safety. Highest precautions are taken to eliminate falls and workplace injuries. In order to reduce the risk of worker error, we have a strict sober and rested policy. Safety does not happen by accident.
  • Property
    Great care is taken to protect your property. We not only regularly communicate the importance of care with AIORC roofers, but hold a $2,000,000.00 property damage insurance.
  • Your investment
    We are fully Bonded. What does it mean for your investment? If for any reason we where unable to complete the job, your investment is protected by a surety bond until the job is finished.



We are proud to say that some of our products have won WOMEN’S CHOICE AWARD – America’s best for home roofing.